Is your Marketing stuck in the past?

One of the joys of the Marketing discipline is how the ‘latest thinking’ of a few years ago so quickly becomes ancient history . . .

… so marketers should have a duty to regularly review and refresh their own professional skill set across all the key marketing areas.

My own commitment to that process of continued professional development (CPD) means that over the last few years, and alongside some challenging day-jobs, I have studied and re-studied the very latest and fast evolving thinking on Digital and Content Marketing, ROI improvement, Business Strategy, e-Learning, Innovation and Branding etc.

Additionally Members and Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Marketing who then commit to a specific, evidenced, set of CPD activities over a period may then qualify for Chartered Membership – and in 2015 I was very proud to be awarded the title of ‘Chartered Marketer’.

Bruce Akhurst MCIM Chartered Marketer
Bruce Akhurst was granted Chartered Marketer status in 2015

This nicely reminded me that, like other senior professionals, we are only as up-to-date and future-proof in our professional skills as we continuously work to be!

Currently a worryingly small proportion of senior marketers actually have that CPD commitment and Chartered Marketer title.  So, along with a strong historic track record, it is now a critically important thing to look out for when selecting or reviewing a senior marketing manager, consultant, interim or director.

Bruce Akhurst MCIM Chartered Marketer         charteredmarketer

If you are reading this as a practicing Marketer and want more info on CPD programmes then please click here

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